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Floriani ... The Name That Means Beautiful Quilting & Embroidery!

Floriani Total Control U

FTC-U  Color Play Feature 

FTC-U Sequence View Filter Feature

FTC-U Print Design Colors Feature

FTC-U New Library Icons Feature

FTC-U Design Colors Box Feature

FTC-U  Apploqie Fabric Feature

FTC-U Highlight Select Items Feature 

FTC-U Special Outline Fonts Feature 

FTC-U Navigator Tool Feature 

FTC-U Redwork Tool Feature 

 FTC-U Exporting Design As An Image

FTC-U Batch Converter Feature 

 FTC-U Thread Chart Creator Feature

FTC-U Corners Repeat Feature 

FTC-U Define Scale Feature 

FTC-U Fling Repeat Feature 

 FTC-U Define Horizon Feature

FTC-U Repeat Design Feature 

FTC-U Reading C2S Files Feature 

 FTC-U Bean Stitches Feature

FTC-U Start Page Feature 

 FTC-U Removing Overlapping Stitches


My Decorative Quilter

 MDQ Social Network Connections Feature

 MDQ Projects Feature

 MDQ Center Origins - MDQ Projects

Design Library for MDQ Software Feature  

 MDQ Create Outlines Feature

MDQ Variegated Thread Feature  

Stabilizing Solutions & Training

 Stabilizing Solutions Intro

 Stabilizing Solutions - Cutaway

 Stabilizing Solutions - Tearaway

 Stabilizing Solutions Water Solubles

 Stabilizing Solutions - Specialty Products

 Appli Kay Wonder

 Dream Weave Fusible

Dream Weave Ultra

Embroidery Batting

 Heat N Gone

Heat N Shrink

Medium Cutaway

Medium Cutaway Fusible

Medium Tearaway

No Show Mesh Fusible

No Show Mesh Non Fusible


News, Tips & Techniques

Micro Thread 

Chrome Needles 

Floriani Embroidery Batting 

Embroidery Perfection Tape